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Advertising on Dong Knows Tech

Mediavine handles programmatic ads on this website. If you want to place this type of online ad, please follow this link to buy in.

We generally do not seek any other type of ads or monetization.

However, considering the requests, we accept a limited number of static banner ads, where you can place a banner with an external link attached at specific site locations. We might also add paid links to suitable content in certain situations.

Here’s the general cost (subject to change):

  • The cost of a horizontal banner that appears at the top or bottom of a collection of pages starts at $1500/month or $15,000/year.
  • Vertical banner at the right side (non-sticky) of a collection of desktop pages and the bottom of mobile: $1200/month or $10,000/year.
  • A link: $250/month or $2,500/year. Links must be appropriate to the content of a post. Do-follow links can’t be attached to ad banners.

Please note:

  • Banners must be appropriately sized and approved before being displayed.
  • We’ll change a banner once per 30 days free of charge. Any additional time will incur a $200 fee.
  • Links might be removed if inappropriately redirected.

To proceed:

1. Send us payment via Venmo

2. Send us a message via the Contact page using the “Ad banner or do-follow link” subject with a detailed message on your requirements.

We’ll make the requirements live within 24 hours of finalizing them with you or issue a full refund. Once the banner or the link is live, we no longer issue a refund.