About Dong Knows Tech


Hi everyone, Dong Ngo’s here! (Weird last name? Dong “Know” will do.)

Who is Dong Ngo?

You probably remember me as the “router guy” at CNET. Fair enough! From late 1999 until mid-2017, among other things, I reviewed networking gadgets there.

What you sure don’t know is how my obsession with technology started. As a teenager, I ran into a piece of repurposed packaging cardboard with a life-size QWERTY keyboard drawing on it. I used it to practice typing with all ten fingers, just for fun. Later, I got a hold of a real keyboard with a computer attached to it, and my life changed forever.

In a way, that piece of cardboard was my first touchscreen. Now, like many of you, cutting down on screen hours is my daily struggle. So, I’ll make sure your visit to Dong Knows Tech worth it. I’m not going to waste your time!

A bit of personal stuff

I was born and raised in a tiny village in North Vietnam, among paddy fields, the part just before I arrived had been ravaged during the American war.

I spent most of my childhood without electricity or running water and had no experience with shoes until I was 17. Now I live with my little family (wife and two toddlers) in the San Francisco Bay Area. It has been a long and memorable journey to a real American dream.

English is not my first language. (Not even my second, or third, so to speak.) That said, once in a while, please excuse my French! 🙂


What can you expect from Dong Knows Tech?

“This Dong guy knows tech!” is the first thing I hope you’ll realize.

I do my own research and review products independently. Specifically, I don’t take money to say good (or bad) things, nor do I say good things so I can sell something.

Here’s my promise: Reviews and how-to posts on this website derive from my thorough first-hand testing or real-world experience. You’ll find here no bullshit, no click baits, no patchwriting, no pointless listicles, and no product pushing.

I don’t have a quota. My only pressure is the desire to share what I know and make your life easier, one appropriate tech decision at a time.

In short, “Dong Knows Tech – And that’s good for YOU!” is real. I mean it.



The world of tech is fluid — things can change quite dramatically over time. You’ll note that I update many of my posts often, but nobody can keep tabs of everything or test every scenario.

That said, the reviews and how-to posts on this website are accurate to the best of my knowledge, but not necessarily free of errors or mistakes. The point is: I can be wrong.

So, use the content at your own risk. I assume no responsibility for any consequences that might arise from your consumption of information posted here.



This website contains ads and affiliate links (from Amazon Services LLC Associates Program). The latter gives me a small commission — at no additional cost to you — when you click through and make a permanent purchase. Not in a shopping mood right now? Bookmark the link for later! 🙏


How can you support Dong Knows Tech?

The devil is in the details. Running a tech website, especially one free of bullshit, involves so many things. And I’m doing this all by myself, down to the look and feel of the site itself, in addition to taking care of my growing family.

I didn’t start this website to make money. It’s been mostly a labor of love in case you haven’t noticed. But I do hope someday I can make it my full-time job and possibly even more. That said, if you want to support my work, there are a couple of things I’d like to ask of you.

  • Please take your time and really read my articles, especially the explainers and how-to, instead of skimping over them and then sending me questions hoping to get a quick, easy answer.
  • When you run into a typo in an article, please do report it by selecting the text in question and pressing Ctrl + Enter. (That is, you press and hold the Ctrl button on the keyboard and then hit the Enter key). Or you can call that out in the comment section below each post.
  • Please turn off your adblocker — ads help pay for my expenses — and send useful articles to your friends. If you’re so inclined, feel free to buy me a coffee. Also, when you run into sites that reuse my materials without disclosing the source, please let me know.

I welcome suggestions and appreciate constructive criticisms. Keep them coming!


Thank you for visiting Dong Knows Tech and for your support! ❤️