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About Dong Knows Tech

Hello! You’re looking at yours truly.

Hi everyone, Dong Ngo’s here! (Weird last name? Dong “Know” will do.)

Who is Dong Ngo?

You probably remember me as the “router guy” at CNET during its heyday. Fair enough! From late 1999 until mid-2017, among other things, I managed product testing and reviewed networking gadgets there.

What you sure don’t know is how my obsession with technology started.

As a teenager, I ran into a repurposed cardboard piece with a life-size QWERTY keyboard drawing on it. I used it to practice typing with all ten fingers, just for fun… Years later, I got a hold of a real keyboard with a computer attached to it, and my life changed forever.

In a way, that piece of cardboard was my first touchscreen. Now, like many of you, cutting down on screen hours is my daily struggle. So, I’ll make sure your visit to Dong Knows Tech is worth it. I’m not going to waste your time!

A bit of personal stuff

I was born and raised in a tiny village in North Vietnam, among paddy fields. The part just before I arrived had been ravaged during the American war. We had nothing, tech- and non-tech-wise.

I spent most of my childhood as a farmer, without electricity or running water, and I had no experience with shoes until I was 17. Now I live with my little family (wife and kids) in the San Francisco Bay Area. It has been a long and memorable journey to a real American dream.

English is not my first language. (Not even my second or third, so to speak.) That said, once in a while, please excuse my French! 🙂


What can you expect from Dong Knows Tech?

“This Dong guy knows tech!” is something you might tell yourself.

But that’s not the purpose of this website. I have no desire to say or prove that I know better than anyone on any matter.

(“Dong Knows Tech” might or might not be an alternate way to pronounce “Dong Ngo’s Tech.” It’s just a name.)

What you should pay attention to is that I do my own research and review products independently.


  • I don’t take money to say good (or bad) things, nor do I say good things so I can sell something. (Trust me, I get a lot of offers).
  • I don’t publish just marketing materials, specs, or commentaries and call it a review.
  • I don’t change just the date and a few words within an article on a regular basis, and republish it to keep it “fresh”. (Yes I do update my posts, but they are real updates.)
  • I don’t steal content from other websites in any form whatsoever.

Dong’s promise

I remember every promise I’ve made — I don’t make one easily. This is one:

My reviews and how-to posts on this website derive from my thorough first-hand testing or real-world experience. You’ll find here no bullshit, no click baits, no patchwriting, no pointless listicles, and no product pushing/placement.

After years in the mainstream tech news and reviews, I understand their dark secrets and the endless online shenanigans. You will not have to deal with that on this website.

I don’t have a quota. My only pressure is the desire to share my experience that helps make your life easier, one appropriate (tech) decision at a time.

In short, “Dong Knows Tech – And THAT’s good for YOU!” is real. I mean it.

(That is, of course, if you spend time and read what I have to say. Else, it’s only good for somebody else!)



The world of tech is fluid — things can change quite dramatically over time. You’ll note that I often update many of my posts, but nobody can keep tabs on everything or test every scenario.

That said, the reviews and how-to posts on this website are accurate to the best of my knowledge but not necessarily free of errors or mistakes.

The point is I can be wrong. If anything, I’m just always working hard on avoiding that.

(But I’d be happy to share over a drink the stupid mistakes I’ve made, tech- or non-tech-wise.)

So, use the content at your own risk. I assume no responsibility for any consequences that might arise from your consumption of the information posted here.

(But I can tell you for sure that it’s OK to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. In that sense, a mistake is better than nothing at all.)



This website contains ads and affiliate links (from Amazon Services LLC Associates Program). The latter gives me a small commission — at no additional cost to you — when you click through and make any permanent purchase.

A sincere note on Amazon Affiliate: I don’t want you to buy something from Amazon solely to support me, nor do I coerce you into that in any way. But, if you find a good product that you’d like to buy anyway, it helps my work when you get to Amazon’s store via a link on this website.


“How do you get products to review?”

I got this question a lot.

While many parties take products in exchange for “reviews” — among that, the Amazon Vine program is a typical example — that’s not how I operate.

Product acquirement

I buy many, if not most, of the products I review with my own money.

But yes, increasingly, vendors also offer to ship me the hardware, and I sometimes send them requests.

In this case, while I appreciate the timeliness — I tend to get the product ahead of the launch — I make it clear that I’ll test them thoroughly and evaluate them impartially.

In fact, I often send them to this page — we’re literally all on the same page.

Please note:

  1. Not all products pitched get to be reviewed. (I often refuse even to receive stuff I don’t want to spend my time on.)
  2. After reading this page, some vendors actually withdraw their review requests — put two and two (or 1 and 2 in this case) together, and you know why you don’t see certain “popular” products reviewed here.
  3. Some vendors offer to pay for my time. In that case, the product might get coverage but still with zero favoritism.

“What do you do with the device post-review?”

This depends. I treat those I buy the way anyone does theirs. It’s nobody’s business.

(Sometimes, I return them if I finish the reviews timely, there’s no need for additional testing or personal use, and the logistics work out.)

Those vendors send me I generally prepare to ship them back. Many vendors, however, would like to leave their products with me. Some even refuse to provide a return label or address.

(In all honesty, in many cases, repacking and shipping can be a hassle, and I’d rather not have to do that for the sake of efficiency, among other things.)

In that case, and if the device is not broken after being tested, I might use them for myself, friends, and family for further long-term evaluations. This is how I’ve been able to publish posts with extended or extensive hands-on experience, as you will note.

Still, inevitably I’ve ended up with a sizable collection of reviewed products in my garage. Once in a while, having those readily available can become quite handy for a special geeky project. Eventually, I recycle them as e-waste.

But in case you’re wondering, I don’t sell them for cash. Again, the monetary gain is not worth the logistics of selling, shipping, and keeping records.

That said, the only benefit I get from these “free” products is the experience and real-world knowledge I share on this website and whatever that returns.


How you can support Dong Knows Tech

Thank you for thinking of supporting this website! You can donate a Ko-fi right now or, better yet, do that monthly. (I live off of coffee, that’s true.)

The devil is in the details. Running a tech site, especially one free of nonsense, involves so many things and substantial financial costs. It’s also time-consuming.

And I do this all by myself, from the design and functions of this website itself. It’s a hobby, a passion for tech, the labor of love if you fancy — I have a job to take care of the growing family.

That said, additionally, please:

  1. Take your time and really read my articles, instead of skimming over them — you’ll miss a lot. You’ll note that I work hard on the writing, it’s only fair that you do your part on the reading.
  2. Report typos when you run into one by selecting (highlighting) the text in question and hit the red button to the right of the screen. I proofread myself, and that’s very challenging.
  3. Turn off your adblocker– ads help me make money. Ads on this website are all non-intrusive, some are even fun, by the way.

Also, please let me know when you run into sites that reuse my materials without disclosing the source.

Finally, I welcome suggestions and appreciate constructive criticisms. Please keep them coming!

Thank you for visiting Dong Knows Tech and for your support! ❤️


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