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Netgear Has a Long List of Deep Discounts this Amazon Prime Day 2021

Looking for deals in Netgear networking gear? Here’s some good news. The networking vendor just gave me a long list of its networking equipment you can get at (deep) discounts during the Amazon Prime Day 2021 event, which starts today and ends day-end tomorrow.

Clearly, these deals are only available to those with an Amazon Prime membership, of which you can sign up for a 30-day trial — make sure you cancel it in time unless you enjoy the benefits. Also, I’m an Amazon associate (•).

Find the complete list at the bottom of the post — some deals might not be available until tomorrow. Among those, here are four noticeable devices I’d recommend.

1. Netgear Orbi RBK752 AX4200

Orbi RBK752 with Box

This one is one of the best Orbi set Netgear has to offer to date. It’s an excellent home Wi-Fi solution for a large home where you can’t run network cable.

Prime Day Deal: Get it at a $100 (22%) disount. (Read the full review here.)

2. Netgear Nighthawk RAX120

Netgear RAX120 Top

One of the first (and best) Wi-Fi 6 routers on the market, the Netgear Nighthawk RAX120 is an excellent broadcaster for a large home.

Prime Day Deal: Get it at a$130 (33%) discount. (Read the full review here.)

3. Netgear Orbi Pro SXK80

Amazon Prime Day 2021: Orbi Pro is included

The Orbi Pro SXK80 is so expensive that I call it if you hang a set up on the walls, folk would know that you’re rich. Of course, that’s before the discount.

Prime Day Deal: Get it at a $350 (31%) discount. (Learn more about it in this preview).

4. Netgear Nighthawk MK63

Netgear MK63 AX1800 Mesh Wi Fi 6 System 14

This is an excellent mesh set for homes that are wired with network cables.

Prime Day Deal: Get it for $230 (and save $70). (Read the full review here.)

Netgear’s complete list of Amazon Prime Day deals

The table below includes the complete list of other Netgear products with discounts. Click on the ASIN link for their Amazon page. Happy shopping!

ModelAmazon ASIN
(Click to View)
You SavePromo % Off
Cable GatewayC6220-100NASB01N7L06CF$109.99$87.99$22.0020.0%
Cable GatewayC6250-1AZNASB0787TRNMH$149.99$109.99$40.0026.7%
Cable GatewayC7800-200NASB07SHK2241$369.99$295.99$74.0020.0%
Cable ModemCM500-1AZNASB06XH46MWW$62.99$44.99$18.0028.6%
Cable ModemCM700-1AZNASB07976SNVB
Range ExtenderEAX80-100NASB07T89YZWD$249.99$199.99$50.0020.0%
Range ExtenderEX3700-100NASB00R92CL5E$34.99$24.49$10.5030.0%
Range ExtenderEX5000-1AZNASB083R46CV8$49.99$39.99$10.0020.0%
Range ExtenderEX6120-100NASB014YN7LVE$59.99$36.99$23.0038.3%
Range ExtenderEX6250-100NASB07MDZ8G4T$119.99$59.99$60.0050.0%
Range ExtenderEX7700-100NASB07DQ96B95$159.99$109.99$50.0031.3%
Home Mesh MK62-100NASB0823JXXX4$229.99$159.99$70.0030.4%
Home MeshMK63S-100NASB08V3PMGBR$299.99$229.99$70.0023.3%
Home MeshMK83-100NASB08V2ZGBNK$499.99$379.99$120.0024.0%
Home MeshRBK752-100NASB086HJXKJJ$449.99$329.99$120.0026.7%
Mobile RouterLAX20-100NASB08NXXJL1F$299.99$229.99$70.0023.3%
Mobile RouterLBR20-100NASB0886XZLSJ$399.99$279.99$120.0030.0%
Business MeshSXK80-100NASB08FXSBN11$769.99$549.99$220.0028.6%
Business MeshSXK80B3-100NASB08FXS1MK9$1,099.99$749.99$350.0031.8%
Business MeshSXK80B4-100NASB08FXSN5N3$1,489.99$999.99$490.0032.9%
Access PointWAC540-100NASB07PF1YFY7$219.99$129.99$90.0040.9%
Access PointWAX204-100NASB08LHJZ2NJ$129.99$69.99$60.0046.2%
Access PointWAX214PA-100NASB08PQ7HZ6D$129.99$99.99$30.0023.1%

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