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D-Link Turns Residential Broadband Cool with New 5G Gateway

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The D-Link 5G NR Enhanced Gateway.
The D-Link 5G NR Enhanced Gateway.

As I predicted a while back, 5G will change the landscape of residential broadband. Now that the future is almost here with the 5G NR Enhanced Gateway (model DWR-2010), D-Link unveiled today at CES 2019.

A new type of residential gateway

This new device, like all gateways, is a Wi-Fi router plus a built-in broadband modem. However, unlike existing gateways, such as the Orbi CBK40, that use a traditional cable or DSL modem, the DWR-2010 has a 5G modem.

It’s the first home gateway I’ve known that has a built-in cellular modem, definitely the first with a 5G modem. Before this, 4G cellular modems are generally available in phones, tablets or mobile hotspots, like the MiFi 8800L.

This new gateway gives users, especially those living in a remote area, the option to have fast Internet and a full home network, without running new wiring to their house. It also makes 5G a real competitor to traditional broadband, namely cable, and DSL. Flexible 5G configurations

According to D-Link, the DWR-2010’s modem is a 5G NR (New Radio) NSA module that can operate on the sub-6 GHz or mmWave frequencies in 200 MHz (2 x 100 MHz) or 800 MHz (8 x 100 MHz) configurations. The modem also supports VoLTE which is an enhanced version of LTE. Consequently, the gateway will work with a variety of network configurations to suit service providers’ needs.

According to D-Link, the DWR-2010 is capable of delivering Internet speed some 40 times faster than the current average fixed broadband download speed in the U.S, which it puts at 70 Mbps. The real speed, of course, depends on the provider, the area, and your data plan.

As for Wi-Fi, the DWR-2010 is an AC2600 dual-band 4×4 router with top Wi-Fi speeds of 800 Mbps and 1733 Mbps on 2.4GHz and 5GHz, respectively. It comes with one 2.5 Gbps LAN port, 1 Gbps LAN port, and one 1 Gbps WAN/LAN auto-sensing port.


D-Link says the new gateway will be available in the second half of 2019. Its price will vary depending on the service provider, similar to current mobile hotspots and cell phones. By the time you can get it, though, chances are there will be more similar gateways from other networking vendors.

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