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Keep Tabs on Your Wallet with This Ekster Tracker Card

I’ll never forget the last time I lost my wallet. Among other things, I had to go through the lengthy and expensive process of replacing my cards (credit, passport, public transportation, etc.), and the driver’s license.

Here’s the saddest part: A month later, I found the wallet in an obscure corner of my office, intact. If that sounds familiar to you, here’s something to consider: the $49 Ekster Tracker Card

Insert this card into your wallet — or a purse, or anything that you tend to misplace, for that matter — and you’ll be able to find it, similar to how you find your phone via a find-my-device app. I decided to try one out a few weeks back, and have been happier since!

Ekster Tracker Card
The Ekster Tracker Card is about the size of a credit card. Note its solar panel.

Ekster Tracker Card's Rating

8.9 out of 10
Ekster Tracker Card
Ease of Use


Compact and solar-powered

Long-lasting battery

Selfie remote and phone finding functions


Quiet ringer

Phone remote function can only take one photo at a time

Only works in close vicinity

Ekster Tracker Card: Super easy to set up and use

The Ekster tracker is a plastic card about the size of two stacked credit cards. On one side, it has an E button for pairing and other functions, and a small solar panel — more on this panel below. To use the card, you first need to pair it with a phone, using the Chipolo mobile app.

(Chipolo, by the way, is a popular tracker tag maker. This means if you use other tracking tags, chances are the Ekster will be part of the same ecosystem — you won’t need a separate app.)

Just run the app, choose to add a new Chipolo partner product, then pick Ekster. Now press on the E button on the tracker while placing it close to the phone and the two will pair.

From then on, you can find the tracker, and therefore your wallet, or whatever you place the tracker in, using your phone, or via Chipolo’s website. By the way, you can do this via voice command. The Akster is compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri.

Once located, the tracker appears on Google Maps, just like the way you’d locate a phone, so you have a general idea of where it is. You then can make it ring, using a few options of high-pitch chimes, to locate it. In my testing, the tracker’s single-volume ringer was a bit underwhelming. It worked fine in a quiet room, but in a noisy open space, like an airport, I had a hard time hearing it.

It’s important to note that, similar to other trackers, the Ekster uses Bluetooth, its range caps at about 200 feet (60 m). That’s enough when you misplace your wallet in a small area, like your home.

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However, when you drop it on a bus or leave it somewhere far out of range, you will only be able to see its last known location. In this case, you can mark it as lost, which allows other Ekster users worldwide to locate it for you, and hope your luck works out. 

Ekster Tracker Card: Hardware specifications

Dimensions0.15 x 2.7 x 3.9 in (0.4 x 7 x 10 cm)
Tracker CardPowered by Chipolo Technology
CompatibilityiOS 9/Android 4.4 and above
CoverageWorldwide Lost & Found Platform,  QR Safety Net
RangeUp to 200 ft (60 m) with BLE 4.0
Solar-Powered3 hours of charge lasts 2-3 full months
RingerRing your wallet or phone
Voice-ActivatedCompatible with Google Assistant,  Alexa and Siri
Ekster Tracker Card’s specifications.

Ekster Tracker Card: The tiniest solar panel that delivers

Considering the Chipolo app, clearly, the idea of attaching a tracker, or tag, to your stuff so you can find it, is not new. But the Ekster is still a novelty thanks to its little solar panel.

According to Ekster, a 3-hour solar charge is enough to power the card for up to three months of use. And you can even charge it with artificial light, such as a flashlight. There’s no battery indicator, though, so you can’t tell how full the battery is.

But the card did prove to have a long battery life, in my testing. At publication, I have used it for some two weeks, actively tracking it a few times a day, without charging it, and it’s still working like the first day. That said, it’s safe to say you’ll never have to worry about the tracker running out of juice if you leave it out in the sun once in a while.

Ekster Chipolo App
You can use the Ekster Tracker Card to find your phone or take selfies, one at a time, remotely.

Ekster Tracker Card: Selfie remote and phone finder, too

And you will have plenty of reasons to take the Ekster Tracker Card out of your wallet. For one, you can use it to track your phone. Just double click on the E button, and your phone will ring if it’s in the card’s Bluetooth range. Now, double click again, and the phone will stop ringing.

What is cool is the fact you can also use the card as a remote for the phone’s camera.

First, put your phone into selfie mode using the Chipolo app. Now, when you double-tap the E button on the Ekster card, it will make three beeps, and then the phone will take a photo. That’s a great way to take a selfie, especially of a group or when you want to use the phone’s front camera for better quality.

This feature worked well in my trials except for one shortcoming: You can only take one photo at a time. The app won’t automatically save the shot. Instead, you have to tap on the phone’s screen to save, share, or retake the picture. Also, once a photo is taken, and you double-tap the E button again, that will make the phone ring as though you were trying to locate it.

Overall, though, the Ekster tracker card can make life easier for you in more ways than one.


The Ekster Tracker Card is not the most affordable tag, but it works great and fits a wallet incredibly well. The fact it’s solar-powered also means you won’t need to worry about plugging it in or changing its battery. If you have experienced the pain of misplacing your wallet or are simply an absent-minded person, you know this little device is worth the cost.

Ekster Parliament Slim Leat
The Ekster Parliament Slim Leather wallet is a perfect match for the Ekster Tracker Card.

By the way, if you have already lost your wallet or want to get a new one, also check out the Ekster Parliament Slim Leather Wallet. It’s a compact, functional, and stylish card/cash holder that’s also a perfect match for the Ekster Tracker Card.

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