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Netgear Adds Doorbell and Chime to Arlo Home Security

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If you have one of those Netgear Arlo security cameras, here’s some good news. Netgear announced today the latest expansion of its smart home approach, the all-new Arlo Audio Doorbell and Arlo Chime.

The Netgear Arlo Audio Doorbell and Arlo Chime.
The Netgear Arlo Audio Doorbell and Arlo Chime.

Netgear Arlo Audio Doorbell: More rings to your smartphone

In a nutshell, this new smart doorbell kit can ping your smartphone when someone rings your doorbell. As a result, among other things, you can give them the option to leave you a message. Or you can also play a canned message to them, just like when your phone is ringing. And if you already have an Arlo camera, there's the option to view a live video feed of the person.

For those who already own an Arlo camera kit, such as the Arlo Pro 2, the Arlo Doorbell seems a natural addition, since even without the Arlo Doorbell, your Arlo Pro 2 already gives you the option to get a notification when someone appears within the range of the camera.

And you then can even have a conversation with them via the camera’s telecom function. But the Arlo Audio Doorbell is designed to also work just by itself.

Netgear says the Arlo Audio Doorbell is easy to install and can replace traditional push-button doorbell. It uses two standard AA batteries and can last up to 12 months before you need to replace them. It’s also weather-resistant and can connect with an existing digital and mechanical door chimes without additional hardware or wiring, especially, if you choose to use the Arlo Chime.

Netgear Arlo Chime: Audio alerts and siren of choice.

You won't need to use batteries with the Arlo Chime since this accessory—designed to work with the Arlo Audio Doorbell or Arlo cameras—plugs right into any wall socket to deliver audible alerts or sirens at that location.

Netgear says the Arlo Chime can serve audible alerts up to 80+ decibel with volume control and melody options adjustable via the Arlo app.

The Arlo Chime, as well as the Arlo Audio Doorbell, uses Wi-Fi to connect, meaning where you can place it depends on your Wi-Fi coverage.

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Netgear says the Arlo Audio Doorbell and Arlo Chime will ship later this fall, with pricing being available then.

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