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D-Link Dynamic DNS Service to Be Discontinued on July 2nd

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The Dynamic DNS section in the web interface of a D-Link router.

You read that right. D-Link Dynamic DNS service will soon be no longer.

The networking vendor sent out an email to some of its customers today to announce the discontinuation of the free DDNS included with most of its Wi-Fi routers starting July 2nd.

Dynamic DNS is an essential feature of home routers. It allows for attaching the router's WAN IP address with a meaningful domain name of the user's choice. They can then use that domain to create remote services, such as a VPN or a game server.

Like other networking vendors, such as Asus or TP-Link, D-Link has been offering a free host, via the dlinkddns.com domain, for its router's Dynamic DNS feature. Now that valuable service will soon end, despite the fact it still appears as an option within your router's interface.

Here's the full notice:

Dear D-Link Customer,

The Dynamic DNS Service offered by D-Link (dlinkddns) will be discontinued on July 02, 2020. After this date, the service will no longer be useable.

What does this mean for you?

If you are currently using or plan to use the D-Link Dynamic DNS service, we recommend the use of another provider in order to avoid potential issues and service interruption that may occur.

For clarity, the Dynamic DNS feature of your device(s) remains functional. You may still set up Dynamic DNS utilizing an alternative provider via the D-Link setup WebGUI. However, if you still find dlinkddns.com as one of the options for a Dynamic DNS server during set up, please kindly be informed that this option will not function once the service is discontinued.

All other services will continue as normal.

Thank you for your understanding.

As you might have noted in the text, D-Link routers' Dynamic DNS feature will still work, but you'll need to use it with a different host. From now till at least July 2nd, D-Link offers a 50% discount if you choose to use Oracle Dyn, which generally costs $55/year.

You can learn more about Dynamic DNS in this post and have less than two months to make the necessary changes to your D-Link router. If you're not using Dynamic DNS, though, there's no need to do anything at all.

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17 thoughts on “D-Link Dynamic DNS Service to Be Discontinued on July 2nd”

  1. Worse, they are selling routers (DSL-2888A) that are hard coded to only dyndns.org/com and noip (which won’t work as their servers are ddns.net etc. need dotted name). So it is impossible to use a free DDNS service with them.

  2. Well, I have (for now) a D-Link Router & 4 D-Link DNS 323 NAS devices, and like others, this is absolutely a deal breaker. Time to leave D-link in the dust. My NAS devices only have an option for dlinkddns & dyndns, and no way I’m paying so much cash for a service that was supposed to be free. Bye D-link…

  3. Yep I didn’t receive an email either and it was using my main Gmail account. I just realised I’m not even using my D-Link router any more (D-Link AC2600) and instead I’m using my Netgear Nighthawk AC1900, have to check which is the better router (and if Netgear do a free DDNS).

  4. Nobody I know who was using this service, including myself, received that email.
    (My email address is still the same as when I started the dlinkddns.com service.)

  5. Ah, never got the email, now no website access anymore! Was my main reason for d-link, so thats finally gone. Wanted to go for new mesh routers anyway, and this was the only reason holding me back to go for another brand.Easy choice now.


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