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D-Link Goes All Out on Mesh and Wi-Fi 6 at CES 2020

D Link Wi Fi 6 Routers
Wi-Fi 56 router unveiled by D-Link at CES 2020.

The year 2020 will be big for Wi-Fi 6. At least that’s what D-Link believes. The networking vendors unveiled a slew new Wi-Fi 6 devices CES 2020.

Specifically, there are four standalone routers, including the DIR-X1560, DIR-X1870, DIR-X2460, and DIR-X5460; one DAP-X1870 extender and one mesh system, the COVR-X1872. By the way, the X in the model name likely stands for 802.11AX, which is the geek name of Wi-Fi 6.

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As the model numbers suggest, the DIR X5460 is the top-tier router with the highest specs. The rests are mid-tier and entry-level routers. The COVR-X1872 is the Wi-Fi 6 version of the vendor’s existing Wi-Fi 5 mesh system.

Details of these new devices are still scarce. Check out the table below for what I’ve learned, including their availability and cost. You’ll note that they are quite affordable compared with most existing Wi-Fi 6 routers.

D Link Wi Fi 6 routers
D-Link’s upcoming Wi Fi 6 routers.

It’s worth noting that all of D-Link’s Wi-Fi 6 routers mentioned here support Easy Mesh. As a result, they will work with one another, or you can get multiple units of the same model, to create a mesh system. Furthermore, chances are they will also work with Easy Mesh-enabled routers from other vendors.

D Link COVR X1872 Mesh
The COVR X1872 Wi-Fi 6 mesh system from D-Link.

I plan to review at least one of these networking devices when they are available. Check back soon for that.

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