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Select Netgear Orbi Satellites Now Work with All Routers

The Voice is one of Netgear Orbi Satellites
Starting September 2019, the Orbi Voice works with all existing routers.

If you like the Netgear Orbi Voice but don’t want to invest in an Orbi Wi-Fi Mesh system, here’s some excellent news. Some Orbi Satellites now works with all routers.

That’s right, starting today, you’ll able to find new versions of select Netgear Orbi satellites to use with your existing router. These include the Orbi Voice (RBS40V) and the Orbi Outdoor (RBS50Y). Initially, these two, like all other Orbi satellite units, only work with an Orbi router.

This development has long been anticipated considering the features of the two hardware units. The RBS40V is a Wi-Fi broadcaster that also works as a Harman Kardon-based smart speaker with built-in Alexa. The RBS50Y, on the other hand, is an outdoor Wi-Fi extender designed to handle the elements.

Most importantly, both have a dedicated backhaul band to deliver excellent Wi-Fi coverage. That said, adding either of them to your router will effectively turn your Wi-Fi network into somewhat a mesh, much better than using a regular extender.

Netgear says the new versions will come with “work with any router” on the packaging. Of course, they will also work as well as part of a Netgear Orbi system.

If you wonder the existing version of the satellites in question you bought before September will also work with third-party routers, the answer is, yes, they do. But first, you’ll need to update them to the latest firmware, which is only possible while they are part of an Orbi system.

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