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TP-Link Unveils OneMesh and First Wi-Fi 6 Wi-Fi System

The RE300 OneMesh Extender from TP-Link

Turning existing routers into part of a mesh is now officially a trend. Early 2018, Asus’s announced AiMesh, then later of the same year, Synology introduced its similar mesh feature via the release of the MR2200ac. Today, at CES 2109, TP-Link announced its own OneMesh approach.

Leveraging multiple hardware units, old and new

Similar to AiMesh, OneMesh is available via a firmware update, allowing users to turn their existing TP-Link routers into mesh points when using multiple hardware units. On top of that, TP-Link also releases OneMesh-ready products.

The networking vendor says it will offer OneMesh in all of its SMB and home product lines, including wireless routers, range extenders, XDSL, 3G/4G routers, powerline adapters. The new feature will deliver seamless roaming, adaptive path selection, band steering, and centralized management features.

Deco X10 AX Mesh WiFi
The Deco X10

OneMesh will be available in April when TP-Link ships the AC1200 dual-band RE300 range extender, which carries a friendly price of just $49.99. Existing router, such as the Archer C7, or Archer A7, will also get OneMesh via firmware updates during this time. TP-Link will introduce more OneMesh-ready products in the future.

First Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) mesh system

Speaking of the future, TP-Link today also unveiled its first Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System, the Deco X10. Before this, the company has introduced two Wi-Fi 6 routers, the Archer AX6000, and the Archer AX11000.

TP-Link says the Deco X10 uses the AX2700 tri-band setup and has a dedicated backhaul connection of 1.95 Gbps. Consequently, it’ll be able to deliver Gigabit-class Internet speed in full.

Details on the new Deco X10 are still sketchy since it won’t ship until the third quarter of the year. However, TP-Link says the system will carry the retail price of $349.99 for a pack of two units.

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      • Don’t hold your breath I have been waiting since March 2019 after I bought 2 of these in January 2019 and was told it would be out in a few months as every other brand had this feature except TP-Link and now we are in March 2021 !!!!!
        Same with the RE650 V2. I bought 3 RE650 V1’s and then was told these were the best TP-Link has but will never be mesh compliant and I will have to wait for the V2. This was in December 2017 and yes we are in March 2021 !!!!!


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