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Finally, Google Fi Now Has a Real Unlimited Plan

Google Fi
Google announces its Google Fi Unlimited plan via email to its subscribers.

Here’s some excellent news for frequent travelers. Google today announced an unlimited plan for its  Google Fi cell service.

The new plan starts at $70/month for one person. The monthly cost is lower if you have more than one person. Specifically, you pay $60/person for a two, $50/person for three, and $45/person for four or more members.

The cost includes all data and text internationally and voice calls within the States. There’s also a bonus; the plan includes free calls to 50 countries and territories. Calls to other regions cost as low as one cent per minute.

Initially, Google Fi has only one plan, which costs $20/month for unlimited voice (within the U.S.) and text (Internationally). On top of that, you pay $10 for a gigabyte of data (internationally), with data protection kicking in at 6GB/month, which makes the plan unlimited. This plan remains the same but is now called “Flexible.” You also enjoy a lower cost per person when you join as a group.

What makes the Unlimited plan different from the Flexible plan is that it’s $10/month cheaper than when you max out the Flexible data. Also, you get to call 50 countries for free. It’s a plan for those who have friends worldwide or don’t want to watch their data usage.

The new unlimited plan will make Google Fi more competitive within the U.S., where it didn’t have clear advantages over other traditional carriers. Those traveling internationally can now post selfies whenever and where ever they want without worrying about running out of data.

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