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Netgear Unveils WAX610 Wall-Mount Wi-Fi 6 PoE Access Points for SMB

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Looking to add Wi-Fi 6 to your existing router? You have a couple of brand-new options today.

Netgear just now announced two Wi-Fi 6 access points (APs), the Insight Managed WiFi 6 AX1800 Dual-band Access Point (WAX610) and an outdoor version (WAX610Y), geared towards small and medium businesses.

The thing is, they are also great for a (large) home, thanks to the friendly pricing and ease of use.

Netgear WAX610 Back
The Netgear WA610 PoE Wi-Fi 6 Access point

Business-class, dual-band Wi-Fi 6, multi-gig-ready

On the inside, the WAX610 is a dual-band 2×2 broadcaster. Like all broadcasters of the new standard, the WAX610 features Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) and Target Wake Time.

It doesn’t feature the 160 MHz channel width, however, and, therefore, has the top speed on the 5 GHz band on 1200 MHz and the 2.4 GHz up to 600 MHZ.

The AP supports Power over Ethernet (PoE), supporting both 802.3af and 802.3at standards. Due to the power requirement, it only works at 60 percent capacity with the former. There’s one network port, but it’s one of the first PoE ports capable of handling up to 2.5 Gbps.

Note that the AP doesn’t include a PoE injector. You’ll need to get one on your own or get a PoE switch.

But apart from PoE, you can also power the AP via its regular power source. The broadcaster also supports other roles including bridge mode and repeater mode. Netgear says you can use multiple units to form a mesh system.

Netgear WAX610: Hardware specifications

Netgear WAX610s hardware specifications
Netgear WAX610’s hardware specifications.

Easy to use

What’s most important about the WAX610 is the fact you can handle it via the Netgear Insight mobile app, making it as easy to use as most home-grade access points. Netgear says you won’t need to be an IT expert to set up and manage them.

Netgear WAX610Y
The Netgear WA610Y PoE Wi-Fi 6 Access point

Netgear WAX610Y: IP55-rated outdoor AP

As the model name suggests, the WAX610Y is essentially the same as the WAX610.

The only difference is, as mentioned above, it’s an outdoor unit. Protected with a layer of P2i nano-coating, it’s water- and dust-proof. Netgear says the hardware meets the IP55 rating and can withstand rains and general outdoor environments.

Other than its larger physical size, the WAX610Y has the same hardware specs as the WAX610.

Availability and pricing

Netgear says the Insight Managed WiFi 6 AX1800 Dual-band Access Point (WAX610) will ship this month. It’s available for order now in the US and Europe, with the WAX610-100NAS and WAX610-100EUS model names, respectively. It carries the suggested retail price of $179.99 (189.99€, £174.99).

The Insight Managed WiFi 6 AX1800 Dual-band Outdoor Access Point (WAX610Y) will ship within this quarter, but it’s also available as a pre-order now in the U.S. for $249.99.

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10 thoughts on “Netgear Unveils WAX610 Wall-Mount Wi-Fi 6 PoE Access Points for SMB”

    • Generally, Wi-Fi broadcasters have to be certified for the region based on regulations relating to wireless bands, and other hardware standards, Leo. But essentially, they are the same.

  1. Dong,

    Since I already have a Netgear RAX120 would adding one or two of these access points resolve my lack of wifi at the outer edges of my home? Handoff isn’t really an issue for me, I just want a better signal where the router doesn’t reach well. Or, is there a better solution considering there is no mesh alternative with my existing router. Thank you, and I wis I had discovered your site prior to buying my router!

  2. What does “Business-class” mean? How is this product different from other netgear access points, like the Nighthawks?

  3. The annoying thing about the Insight series is that you can’t enable mesh unless you use their phone app or cloud managed (subscription service)…That’s what my uncle experienced with WAC540 and WAC564 models for his business. If you don’t like being tethered by a mobile app or cloud service subscription to mesh, go with another solution. Otherwise, they are pretty good units as lone products.

    • If a user is not interested in Insight management.
      you can set up WDS bridge between WAC540 and WAC564 for wireless backhaul. Both are Tri-radio. so you can dedicate one radio for just mesh/wireless backhaul.


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