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Samsung PRO Endurance: A Fast microSD Card that Lasts

The Samsung PRO Endurance microSD card.

If you’re into continuous video recording, you’ll love this new microSD card Samsung released today, the Samsung PRO Endurance.

Like all solid-state storage devices, SD cards have limited program/erase cycles, known as endurance, the amount of data you can write to one before it becomes unreliable.

As the name suggests, the new Samsung PRO Endurance has extreme endurance. Specifically, Samsung says you can write Full HD content (1080p video) to the 128GB version continuously for a whopping 43,800 hours (or five years) before its endurance runs out.

Samsung PRO Endurance microSD Cards hardware specifications
Samsung PRO Endurance microSD Cards hardware specifications

The 64GB and 32GB versions have progressively lower endurance, but still a lot. Generally, Samsung claims the card has some 25 times higher endurance compared with other cards of similar performance and capacities.

The card is also fast, with the copy speed of up to 100 megabytes per second (MB/s) in reading and up to 30 MB/s in writing. What’s more, Samsung says the new card is water-, Xray and magnetic proof.

Other than that, this is a standard microSD card that works with both microSDHC and microSDXC standards. You can also use it with an SD card slot via an adapter.

The Samsung PRO Endurance is available now.

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