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SK hynix Ships Gold S31, a Consumer SSD with Longevity

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SK hynix Gold S31
The Gold S31 solid-state drive.

Looking for a long-lasting standard solid-state drive (SSD) for your computer? SK hynix has a new option for you. The Korean chipmaker today announced the Gold S31, the first drive in the company’s SuperCore series of consumer-grade SSDs.

The new SATA drive uses the standard 2.5-inch design—it’ll fit in the place of any regular hard drive. It features an SK hynix’s home-grown controller and uses 3D NAND flash technology. SK hynix says the new drive has the top speeds of up to 560MB/s.

InterfaceSATA III
Product TypeInternal SSD
Form FactorStandard 2.5”
SSD capacity1TB/500GB/250GB
Endurance (Terabytes Written)600 TBW (1TB), 300 TBW (500GB), 150 TBW (250GB)
NAND Flash3D NAND Flash
ControllerSK hynix Controller
Sequential Readup to 560MB/s
Sequential Writeup to 525MB/s
Warranty5 years
SK hynix Gold S31 SSD’s hardware specifications.

What makes the Gold S31 special is its high endurance—you can write a lot of data to it before it becomes unreliable.

Generally, endurance changes depending on the capacity and the 1TB version have the ratting of 600TBW—you can write up to 600TB of data to it. For comparison, the 1TB Samsung 860 QVO and the 1TB Crucial BX500 can handle only 360TB and 240TB, respectively. Confident in the new drive’s longevity, SK hynix gives it a five-year warranty.

The Gold S31 SSD is available now in 250GB, 500GB and 1TB with prices starting at $50. Next year, it will also be available in a much faster NVMe version.

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2 thoughts on “SK hynix Ships Gold S31, a Consumer SSD with Longevity”

  1. DN, if only they made this one in a 2 TB. Got a recommendation for a 2 TB SSD? I’m looking to replace my hard drive in a 2014 Mac Mini. Thanks and love the content!


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