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Synology’s Latest DS1621xs+ Makes the 10Gbps NAS Dream Come True

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The new Synology DS1621xs+ NAS 6-bay NAS server.

For a couple of years now, I’ve been asking Synology when it’d release a DiskStation server that comes with 10 Gbps network capability. Finally, today, it’s here. The NAS maker announced just now the DS1621xs+ that, among other things, has a 10 Gbps network port and M.2 SSD slots.

Synology DS1621xs+: A top-tier server that has everything

Per Synology’s naming convention, the new server is the upgrade to the previous DS1618+ model released two years ago. It’s a 16-drive server of the 2021 model year. (Like the DS620slim that came out in 2019, this new server also got a car-like model year treatment.)

The xs in the name signifies the fact this is a top-tier, business-oriented product. And it’s indeed so. The DS1621xs+ has everything one would love to have from an advanced NAS server:

  • Top processing power: This is the first server that sports a real server-grade Intel Xeon CPU, instead of a Celeron or Atom. It can also address up to 32 GB of system memory.
  • 10GbE connection: Apart from two Gigabit network ports, there’s also a T-Base RJ45 10 Gbps network port.
  • Built-in M.2 SSD slots: Like most Synology DiskStations released this year, the DS1621xs+ comes with two M.2 NVMe slots to host two SSDs for caching.
  • PCIe add-on slot: You can add more hardware capability to the router, such as a 10 Gbps SFP+ port.
  • A ton of storage space: Out of the box, the new server can host up to 6 internal hard drives or SATA solid-state drives, to deliver up to 96 TB of raw storage space. If that’s enough you can add up to ten more via expansion units for another 160 TB.

Lots of capabilities

As a Synology server running the powerful DiskStation Manager (DSM) operating system, the DS1621xs+ comes with the full set of Synology’s core features.

So you can expect the usual stuff, including a ton of RAID options, and lots of useful applications for home and office environments. The server will also work as a host of all different types of virtual machines to provide endless potential.

On top of that, considering the beefy hardware specs, you can expect the DS1621xs+ to deliver a much higher level of performance and even more capabilities.

In terms of network throughputs alone, Synology says that the new server can offer “over 3.1 GB/s sequential read and 1.8 GB/s sequential write performance”, something unheard of in all existing DiskStation servers.

In all, the DS1621xs+ promises to be the beast of any savvy user’s dream. It’s the most potent DiskStation server to date

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The Synology DS1621xs+ is the first DiskStation with a 10 Gbps network port.

Hardware specifications: Synology DS1621xs+ vs. DS1618+

The DS1621xs+ is a significant upgrade to the DS1618+. Considering the latter is a formidable machine, the new server is going to kick it out of the park.

Hardware specifications Synology DS1621 xs vs. DS1618
Hardware specifications Synology DS1621xs+ vs. DS1618+.

It’s worth noting that the DS1618+ can provide a 10 Gbps network connection, M.2 SSD caching, or both via an add-on adapter. What’s the big deal here is the fact the DS1621xs+ has all that right out of the box. As a result, you can use its PCIe add-on slot for other things.

No Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR)

But there’s a reason you might want to stick with the DS1618+ instead. The DS1621xs+ seems not to does not support Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR), but just standard RAIDs.

Update: On September 11, 2020, Synology confirmed with me this fact.

The company said in part: “[..] the build/integrity process for SHR is longer than other RAID types, plus we assume that business customers will plan out their purchase ahead of time and get the same drive capacities […]. ” As a result, it doesn’t offer SHR in business-oriented servers.


The all-new Synology DiskStation DS1621xs+ is available now with the suggested retail price of $1599.99 (diskless). It’s not exactly affordable, but chances are it’ll worth every penny, despite the omission of SHR.

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12 thoughts on “Synology’s Latest DS1621xs+ Makes the 10Gbps NAS Dream Come True”

  1. Please do not spread unsubstantiated lies. This is not a „Top processing power“ CPU. It is a 5 year old Intel Broadwell CPU, releases in Q4/2015, and broadwell is generally known as a pretty slow Generation that was barely even widely released because it was so bad.

    Regarding performance, it has a Geekbench Singlecore Score of 564, modern CPUs have about 1800. And the Multicore Score of 2333 compares nicely to the ~9000 for the outdated 9900K, when comparing to modern Ryzen or Epyc or Threadripper CPUs it gets even more laughable.

    How can you call this Top Performance? I really have no explanation.

        • It wasn’t a copy and pate — that’d be too lazy of me — but the vendor gave the information to me. I had no hands-on experience with the product. And please feel free to call me out if you ever find me not thorough on my reviews or how-tos. 🙂

  2. This article is incorrect. The xs is the replacement for the previous xs model. The DS1621+ (Ryzen CPU) is the replacement for the DS1618, and it does support SHR whilst being half the price of the xs.

  3. I imagine this is a “no brainer” for youtubers and other for-profit content creators in social media. For me, it’s a forerunner of products that will follow in price categories I can justify to slowly decommission once “state of the art” platter boxes as they arc over the MTBFs.

    • That’s one cryptic comment, Adam. If I catch your drift, though, I guess you haven’t used a Synology NAS server, yet.


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