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Asus Releases ZenWiFi AX Mini XD4, an Affordable Wi-Fi 6 System

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If you can’t justify the ZenWiFi AX (CT8)’s cost, here’s some excellent news. Asus announced today the availability of a more affordable alternative, the ZenWiFi AX Mini AX1800 Dual-band Mesh WiFi 6 System (model XD4).

ZenWiFi AX Mini XD 4 CharCoal
The new Asus ZenWiFi AX Mini XD4 is a 3-pack mesh system.

Asus ZenWiFi AX Mini XD4: A subdued Wi-Fi 6 AiMesh system

As the name suggests, this is a stripped-down version of the previous model. The XD4 is a dual-band system—there’s no dedicated backhaul – and features comparatively subdued hardware specifications.

The new mesh system includes three identical-looking cube-shaped hardware pieces, though there’s an option of a 2-pack. The hardware units are not all the same.

Each pack includes a router (model XD4R) that has one Gigabit LAN port and one Gigabit LAN/WAN auto-sensing port. The rest of the units are nodes (model XD4N) or satellites that have only one Gigabit LAN port. They work together to form a Wi-Fi system using Asus’s famous AiMesh feature.

On the inside, each device is a dual-band 2×2 Wi-Fi 6 broadcaster that doesn’t support the 160 MHz channel width. It seems, like other AiMesh routers, the XD4R can also work as a node, but the XD4N can’t work as a router.

They all have one thing in common, though, which is the fact each has the top Wi-Fi speed of 1200 Mbps when working with a Wi-Fi 6 client, as a single broadcaster. When working as a wireless mesh system, a node unit can only deliver half of that at best due to signal loss. So it’s safe to say the XD4 won’t break any record.

Asus ZenWiFi AX Mini XD4: Hardware specifications

Full NameAsus ZenWiFi AX Mini Mesh System (XD4)
Hardware ModelsXD4R / XD4N
RoleAiMesh Router / AiMesh Satellite (Node)
Dedicated Backhaul BandNone
Wired BackhaulYes
Dimensions (WxDxH)3.54 x 3.54 x 3.14 inc 
(9.0 x 9.0 x 8.0 cm )
WeightRouter: .65 lb (295 g) 
Satellite: .64 lb (290 g)
5GHz Wi-Fi Specs2×2 AX: Up to 1200 Mbps 
2×2 AC: Up to 867 Mbps
2.4GHz Wi-Fi Specs2 x 2 Wi-Fi 6: Up to 574 Mbps
Wi-Fi SecurityWPA3 / WPA2 / WPA 
Channel Width Support20Mhz, 40MHz, 80MHz
Backward Compatibility802.11b/a/g/n/ac
Mobile AppAsus Router
Web User InterfaceYes (Full)
AP ModeYes (as a single unit or a mesh)
USB PortNone
Gigabit PortRouter: 1x WAN, 1x LAN
Satellite: 1x LAN
Link AggregationNo
Processing PowerQuad-core SoC processor, 
256MB Flash memory, 256MB RAM 
Asus ZenWiFi AX Mini XD4’s hardware specifications

A mesh for a wired home

Like all Asus AiMesh systems, the XD4 support wired backhaul, where you can use network cables to link the hardware. In this case, you can expect full Wi-Fi speed out of each unit, which will cap at 1 Gbps.

ZenWiFi AX Mini XD4 Ports
Each ZenWiFi AX Mini XD4 unit is a router with two auto-sensing Gigabit network ports.

In other words, if the ZenWi-Fi AX is great for a large home where you need to use the mesh in a wireless setup, the ZenWiFi AX Mini is made for those that have been wired with network cables. In a way, it’s Asus’s answer to the Deco X60 from TP-Link.


Like the previous ZenWi-Fi systems, the ZenWiFi AX Mini (XD4) is available in two colors, white and charcoal, with a $300 price tag for a 3-pack. Wondering how this new mesh’s performance pans out? Check back soon for its full review.

Update: The full review of the ZenWiFi AX Mini is now available here.

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4 thoughts on “Asus Releases ZenWiFi AX Mini XD4, an Affordable Wi-Fi 6 System”

  1. Hi Dong, Just wondering if there is any real advantage of the Zen AX Mini over the Lyra trio. Trying to decide. I am using wired backahul. Thanks.

  2. Great site Dong. Love the word play with the title and your last name. This system may meet my simple needs. However linking the hardware with network cables leaves no room for peripheral connections to the router. I’m curious if the first node could be connected to a switch from the router without degrading the capabilities of the mesh system. If it’s not obvious I’m a complete newbie to the world of routers so your help appreciated.

    • Thanks, Tim. I just wanted to make it easy for everyone :). Yes, you can use a switch between the hardware units. In fact, you can even daisy-chain a few switches and the mesh will still work, with no significant degradation in performance (if at all). Just make sure you use Gigabit or faster ones.


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