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Synology Surveillance Station 8.2 Gets LiveCam and More

If you’ve been using the Surveillance Station feature of a Synology NAS server, here’s some good news. The NAS maker today announced version 8.2 of its Surveillance Station that adds a host of new features, including LiveCam and Live Broadcast.

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LiveCam couples with a mobile app of the same name to turn any smartphone into a security camera. Thus, you can record anything on the go and have the footage saved directly to your NAS server at home.

Or you can also turn your old smartphone into an IP camera. On the other hand, Live Broadcast enables users to broadcast live camera footage to YouTube with minimum setup.

Surveillance Station now with LiveCam
Surveillance Station is one of many useful features of a Synology NAS server.

Other new features of Surveillance Station 8.2 includes:

  • Application Center: A new type of add-ons with up to 26 applications and utilities for customizing Surveillance Station.
  • Revamped DS cam: Better search capability with off-line license authentication.
  • IP speakers supported: Surveillance Station 8.2 can broadcast audio to integrated IP speakers.
  • Time Lapse: This feature shortens lengthy videos down to minutes or even seconds.
  • Dual Authorization: Restricts sensitive functions such as managing cameras or accessing video records to only be performed with authorization from another party.

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You can download or update your surveillance station now. Use the Package Center on any Synology NAS servers running the DSM version 6.0-7321 or later. The LiveCam app is currently available for iOS at Apple’s AppStore. Android users will need to wait until next month.

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