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TRENDnet TUC-ET5G Review (vs. TUC-ET2G): Easy Multi-Gig Upgrades

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The TRENDnet TUC-ET5G USB-C 3.1 to 5GBASE-T Ethernet Adapter turns the USB port of your computer into a LAN port. That’s no novelty; there are many network USB adapters on the market.

What makes this one different is that it can deliver up to 5Gbps speeds. If you have a faster-than-Gigabit router—such as the Netgear RAX120—or a multi-gig switch, this adapter will bring the ultra-fast wired connection to your computer’s end. All you need to do is plug it in.

In al, thanks to the ease of use and the ultra-fast performance, the TRENDnet TUC-ET5G has enough to justify its current hefty price of $120. By the way, there’s also a 2.5Gbps version, the TUC-ET2G, that can be had for $55.

The TRENDnet TUC-ET5G is a bit bulky.

TRENDnet TUC-ET5G: Bulky design, embedded software

The TUC-ET5G is about double the physical size of most Gigabit USB adapters. It’s not super huge but big enough to be a bit cumbersome if you want to carry it with a laptop. On a desktop, though, its 5-inch long attached USB cable means it won’t get in the way of other devices. And the adapter has an excellent excuse to be chunky.

Indeed, the TUC-ET5G includes software drivers within itself in the form of an embedded CD ROM that appears the first time you plug the adapter into a Windows computer.

This CD ROM contains the software driver for Windows 7, 8, and 10. (Mac users will need to download the software from TRENDnet’s website). Subsequently, once you have installed the driver, the CD ROM no longer appears or is accessible. This type of self-contained software makes the adapter super handy.

What’s not so handy, though, is the TUC-ET5G’s plastic housing. It catches dust and retains fingerprints too easily.

TRENDnet TUC-ET5G: USB 3.0 speed, CAT5e compatible

The TUC-ET5G features USB 3.0 (or 3.1 Gen 1) that caps at 5Gbps. It uses USB-C to connect to a host computer, but you can use an adapter (not included) with any regular USB port. Yes, it works with a USB 2.0 port, too, but, as expected, at much slower speeds. (USB 2.0 caps at just 480Mbps, or less than half the rate of Gigabit.)

The adapter doesn’t require a special network cable. Instead, it works with CAT5e in my testing—quite an interesting fact since it’s a general idea that the CAT5e cabling caps at 1Gbps. As it turned out, I could get 5Gbps via CAT5e quite easily, using the adapter. And the TUC-ET5G also works with CAT6 and better cabling.

The TRENDnet TUC-ET5G vs. TRENDnet TUC-ET2G Multi-Gig USB adapters.

TRENDnet TUC-ET5G vs. TRENDnet TUC-ET2G: Hardware specifications

The TRENDnet TUC-ET2G USB-C 3.1 to 2.5GBASE-T Ethernet Adapter is a lesser version of the TUC-ET5G. It’s slightly smaller, costs less than half the price, and caps at half the speed (2.5Gbps). Other than that, the two are essentially the same.

USB interfaceUSB-C 3.1 Gen 1USB-C 3.1 Gen 1
Network interface1 x 5Gbps Base-T port 
(5/2.5/1Gbps or 100Mbps)
1 x 2.5Gbps BASE-T port
 (2.5/1Gbps or100Mbps)
Top speed5Gbps2.5Gbps
FeaturesEnergy-saving technology, 
Wake on LAN
 (suspend mode) 
Energy-saving technology, 
Wake on LAN
 (suspend mode) 
Dimensions3.74 x 1.37 x 0.64 in.
 (91 x 35 x 16.5mm)
3.3 x 1.25 x 0.51 in 
(84 x 32 x 13mm)
Cable length4.9 in (12.6cm)4.9 in (12.6cm)
Weight1.7 oz (50g)1.05 oz. (30g)
PowerUSB poweredUSB powered
CompatibilityWindows 7 and later
  MacOS 10.13.5 and later
Windows 7 and later
  MacOS 10.13.5 and later
Warranty2 years2 years

Fast speed, runs hot

I tested the TUC-ET5G and the TUC-ET2G using a Netgear RAX120 router and a 10Gbps switch, and they both delivered their cap speeds. Both adapters can also work at 1Gbps when used with regular Gigabit switches and routers.

Multi Gig
The real Multi-Gig speeds of the TRENDnet TUC-ET5G and TUC-ET2G, respectively

One thing to note, however, both adapters got pretty hot during my testing. They were not hot enough to cook anything, but I didn’t want to hold them in my hands for longer than a few seconds. Overall, though, I was pretty happy with the performances of both adapters.

TRENDnet TUC-ET5G USB-C 3.1 to 5GBASE-T Ethernet Adapter's Rating

8.5 out of 10
9 out of 10
8 out of 10
Ease of Use
8.5 out of 10
8.5 out of 10


Plug-n-play design with embedded software driver

Up to 5Gbps speeds

Compatible with CAT5e


Bulky design, fingerprint magnet

Runs hot

USB-C to USB-A adapter not included


The TRENDnet TUC-ET5G USB-C 3.1 to 5GBASE-T Ethernet 5Gbps network adapter (as well as the 2.5Gbps TUC-ET2G version) delivers all that TRENDnet says it will do. It’s fast and easy to use.

Considering the move to Wi-Fi 6, 5G, and Gigabit-class Internet, sooner than later, you’d want to be able to have a faster-than-gigabit wired connection.

Until your computer comes with a multi-gig network port, the TRENDnet TUC-ET5G, or the TUC-ET2G, is easy to add super-fast wired speed to your existing equipment.

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  1. Could you tell me if this 5gb/s usb nic is compatible with sinology nas? the one from qnap isn’t, and I’m really sad about it

    • No, it’s not. It requires a software driver and I don’t think there’s one for any NAS severs. You can use link aggregation in Synology NAS however.


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