A Bunch of SSDs

Everything You Need To Know about Solid-State Drives

You might have heard of solid-state drive (SSD). This post will explain this type of storage and its variant (i.e., SATA SSD vs. NVMe SSD) and how they are different…

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Wi Fi 6 E Logo 1

Holding Your Breath for Wi-Fi 6E? Here’s All You Need to Know!

You might have heard of Wi-Fi 6E — I mentioned it briefly in this piece about Wi-Fi 6 as a whole. This post focuses on the details of this new…

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Netgear RAX40 Port

How to Pick that Perfect Router for Your Situation

This post aims to set your expectations right and help you figure out how to pick the best Wi-Fi router in your situation. I’ve already written quite a bit on…

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Netgear RAX120 Wings

How to Properly Build a Home Wi-Fi Network – The Ultimate Guide

This post will help almost anyone, including those without networking know-how, set up a home Wi-Fi network from scratch. If you’ve never worked on a router before — or don’t…

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Asus AX11000 Top

Wi-Fi 6 in Layman’s Terms: Speed, Range, and More

The first Wi-Fi 6 routers became available on the market in early 2019 — mine was the Asus RT-AX88U. Since then, the new wireless standard for your local network has…

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This Is How Your Home Wi-Fi System Is a Mesh

Kudos to anyone who spots the pun in the headline. OK, generally, a mesh is a Wi-Fi system. Often, to be sure, people also call it a mesh Wi-Fi system….

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How to Best Use an Existing Router or (ISP-Provided) Gateway

Ideally, you should use just one router for your home network. But sometimes there’s no choice, like when you have to keep that ISP-provided gateway and yet want to expand…

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Windows 10

Tricks to Make Windows 10 Better and, Most Importantly, Yours

Generally, you can always throw in some money to get a better Windows 10 experience, like upgrading your computer to a fast solid-state drive (SSD) or get a new computer…

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TrendNet Wi Fi

Your Wi-Fi Connection Keeps Dropping? Here’s How to (Likely) Fix It

If your Wi-Fi signal keeps dropping — devices disconnect intermittently — this post is for you. I’ll explain how things work and walk you through a few tricks that will…

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Wi Fi Router VoIP

How to Get Better Voice and Video Calls over Wi-Fi with QoS

Let me guess; you’re here because you’ve had an issue with voice over IP (VoIP) or video conference calls. You’re not alone! This post will help you configure your existing…

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Internet Light

How to Replace a Cable Gateway with Your Own Modem

If you’re using Comcast cable Internet (a.k.a Xfinity), check your bill, you might be paying around $15/month “equipment rental” fee. If so, replacing the provider-supplied equipment with a cable modem…

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Asus Time Capsule

How to Turn your USB-enabled Wi-Fi Router into a Time Capsule

Since I first published the post on how to turn a router into a NAS server, I’ve received a lot of requests on how to make that a Time Machine…

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RT AX88U 7

Troubleshooting Your Home Wi-Fi Network the Right Way

We tend to only care about our home Wi-Fi network when there’s no Internet. Ironically, it’s also when we can’t go online to search for solutions. So it’s a good…

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RT AX88U 10

How to Turn a Wi-Fi Router USB Port into a NAS Server

When it comes to network storage, I’d recommend a NAS server. But a good server can be expensive; plus, not everyone wants or has time to configure all the features….

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Asus RT AX92U Hand

AiMesh Review: Asus’s Journey to Fast Wi-Fi and Excellent Coverage

AiMesh is a free feature Asus brought to most of its routers in early 2018, and it has proved to be one of the best ways to build a home…

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WAN Ports

What Is a VPN and How to Get Yours for Free

If you’re curious about VPN or haven’t had time to find out what it is, this post is for you. You’ll find here all the necessary information on this type…

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