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Synology NAS Servers Get Two New Business Backup Apps

Any Synology NAS server is an excellent backup machine.
Any Synology NAS server is an excellent backup machine.

There have been plenty of backup apps on a Synology NAS server. And today, the NAS maker released two more, the Active Backup for Office 365 and the Active Backup for Business. Both are for business users or those using high-end servers like the DS1618+.

Active Backup for Office 365: Les storage required, super-fast search

Synology says Active Backup for Office 365 app supports SaaS cloud backup. It also uses single instancing technology and block-level deduplication to reduce the storage space required by backups. What’s more, its search function can comb across mail and attachments, allowing for quick user data recovery.

The new app works with all popular Office 365 endpoints, including Office 365, Office 365 Germany, Office 365 operated by 21Vianet.

The list of Synology Backup Apps has just grown by two.
The list of Synology Backup Apps has just grown by two.

Active Backup for Business: Virtual machine on Synology NAS now supported

According to Synology, the Active Backup for Business app leverages the Btrfs file system and uses multiple backup technologies.

It features Synology’s Global Deduplication function to reduce the backup size significantly. The app also has the integration with Virtual Machine Manager. As a result, users can duplicate a live product site in a virtual environment for data recovery or testing purposes.

Availability and cost

Both new backup apps are available now, and you can get them using a Synology NAS server’s Package Center within the web interface.

Each Synology NAS server includes ten licenses for  Active Backup for Office 365, so you can back up ten user accounts for free. More licenses cost $99.99 per year for a pack 10 and can be obtained here.

While in beta the Active Backup for Business app is free to use. When the beta ends in a few months, its costs start at $99.99 per year for five hosts.

Updated: Synology announced on October 11, 2018, that it had decided to remove the license requirement for both Active Backup for Office 365 and Active Backup for Business. They are now free.

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