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20 thoughts on “Dong Knows Tech’s Notifications”

  1. June 3, 2021

    Hello Dong,

    Enjoying your articles on WiFi 6 & 6e. Moving next week… have ordered Xfinity 1.2gbps internet service ( they overprovision 20%, expect speeds near 1.4gbps) What would be your first choice in a router?

    Thank you in advance!

  2. Hello Dong ,
    Could you please help me with this networking problem?
    I have a DSL 250 mbps Internet connection. I have the Netgear nighthawk R7000 working as the second Gateway because i am using smartdns for streaming. I have connected my streaming device Nvidia Shield to the Netgear with Ethernet cable approximately 25 meters. The video quality drops to sd or below HD. At times i am getting only HD quality videos and when i check more info what is see is drop in speed from 9 mbs to 6 times to 2 mbps. I have connected to pc wifi and checked the same but i am getting constant HD quality streaming . i am running the Netgear as a second router behind the ISP provided router because i want the smartdns to work for streaming and the other ISP Router for other devices. Shall i change the router with better CPU or a router that can support better Ehternet connection or simply make one gateway and do the smartdns manually in streaming devices?

  3. Hey Dong,

    I need your advice on a new router. Our office needs a new router, we have about 50 wired devices – 15 of which are IP phones and 10 are IP cameras. Another 50 are wireless devices but connects to UNIFI APs. I have a Gen1 cloud key too. Normally I turn off the routers WiFi and just rely on the UAP. I also need dual WAN load balancing. Is the ROG-AX11000 over kill? or I can still go for a Synology RT2600?

  4. Hi, would I be able to plug in a fiber sfp+ Into the multi-gig port? I want to bypass my isp modem and plug my fiber straight into my router. I read your asus rt-ax89x review in which you said that was possible with that modem, I wanted to know if it was also possible with this modem. Thank you.

  5. Dong i have a question, if a person you invited to your home took a picture of the underside of your wifi router, (This has the Default router information) what could she do with it?

    All default information ( Pass phrase ) was previously changed . If she had the know how, could she hack / clone my system or keep track of where i was going on the internet?



  6. Hi Dong, thanks so much for your articles which are absolutely brilliant! I wanted to see if you can help me with this query. We have bought an Asus AX86U and we are interested in saving the system logs, possibly in a USB stick in the router. Could you pls let me know if this is possible and how to do it? I could not find a way using the firmware. Or should me install Merlin? And what’s the best way you would recommend for saving log files? I have not found much on the internet on this topic. Thanks ever so much. Lorna

    • You can access the log via the router’s interface — via the System Log item on the menu. By default, the router keeps a 30-day log, I believe. You can save the log to a text file. Then you can do whatever with that file you want. That’s available in both stock and Merlin firmware.

  7. Dong. This blog is the best thank you so much. Could you recommend a solution for me?
    I have a 3300sqft home, the first floor is very open and I only have one place for a router that is very central to the house, but in an multimedia closet. Currently I have a nighthawk xr700 and get good speed downstairs with the multimedia closet door closed. Also most of my heavy wireless bandwidth tasks are being done downstairs…
    Upstairs the coverage is not so great.
    I have ethernet running throughout the upstairs connected to a switch, then connected to the Xr700. I have tried setting up another nighthawk router in AP mode upstairs but it has become problematic…
    Can you recommend a setup (price is not an issue) I was considering going with the ASUS AImesh solution. Get a powerful wireless router like the ASUS ROG Rapture, and pair it with some AX Zenwifi mesh upstairs on either side of the house in a wired backhaul mode.. does this sound good? If not can you recommend a more optimal set up?

    Thank you for your reply sir.


  8. TP-Link Archer AX11000
    How does it handle power loss? The netgear one I have loses all the settings during a power loss.

    • That issue was rare, Gregg. All new routers can handle that just fine these days. But you should always back up the setting, just in case.

  9. Hi want help with placing (Router bandwidth: Wi-Fi vs. Wired) together. I sort of understand what you are saying but. I got lost somewhere at the end and want help understanding what your saying. I’ll say from what I understand on the topic and say that you will never get lower ping than wifi does. is this what you have said in that topic?

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