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UniFi 7: Ubiquiti Join Wi-Fi 7 with U7 Pro PoE Access Point

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Ubiquiti, on January 8, 2024, announced the U7 Pro PoE access point as part of its all-new UniFi 7 family of Wi-Fi 7 broadcasters. The new access point, in many ways, is the company's U6 Pro, or the U6 Enterprise, with the support for the latest Wi-Fi standard that became ratified on the same day.

UniFi 7
The new Ubiquiti U7 Pro Wi-Fi 7 access pointUniFi 7

UniFi U7 Pro: An affordable Wi-Fi 7 solution

Per Ubiquiti, the U7 Pro is the result of "years of development," and like the case of others in the UniFi family, the AP is part of its scalable UniFi platform. Specifically, the new AP can be deployed with existing UniFi hardware to form a single Wi-Fi network and will support all existing Wi-Fi devices. To enjoy its performance, however, generally clients with a 6GHz band, namely those supporting Wi-Fi 6E and Wi-Fi 7, are recommended.

Generally, you need a UniFi controller, like the UDM-SE, to build such a network. In this case, you need to upgrade the UniFi OS to version 3.2 (or later) and the UniFi Network app to version 8.0.7 or later. However, the UniFi U7 can also work as a standalone access point with any existing router.

Coming in a round shape and designed for ceiling or wall mounting, the U7 Pro shares the appearance and mounting accessories as previous UniFi access points. In fact, it's just a tad larger and heavier than the U6 Enterprise.

And like the case of its predecessors, as well as most business APs, the U7 Pro features PoE+ and does not come with any powering accessory. You need an existing PoE switch or get an injector before you can use it.

Besides the Zyxel WBE660S, the UniFi U7 Pro is the second Wi-Fi 7 AP on the market to date. The table below shows its full hardware specs. It's safe to say there will be more options, including those from Ubiquiti, in the near future.

Hardware specifications: UniFi U7 Pro vs. U6 Enterprise vs. Zyxel WBE660S

Ubiquiti U7 ProUnbiquiti U6 EnterpriseZyxel WBE660S
ModelU7 ProU6 EnterpriseZyxel WBE660S
NameUbiquiti UniFi U7 Pro Access PointUbiquiti UniFi U6 Enterprise Access PointZyxel WBE660S BE22000 Wi-Fi 7 Triple-Radio NebulaFlex Pro Access Point
Wi-Fi StandardsTri-band BE9200Tri-band AXE11000Tri-band BE22000
1st Band
(channel width)
2x2 BE
Up to 688 Mbps
2x2 AX
Up to 600Mbps
4x4 BE: Up to 1376 Mbps
2nd Band
(channel width)
2x2 BE
Up to 2882 Mbps
4x4 AX
Up to 4800 Mbps
4x4 BE: Up to 8646 Mbps
3rd Band
(channel width)
2x2 BE
Up to 5765 Mbps
4x4 AXE
Up to 4800 Mbps
4x4 BE: Up to 11530 Mbps
Backward Compatibility802.11axe/ax/ac/n/g/a/b802.11ac/n/g/a/b802.11axe/ax/ac/n/g/a/b
Power over Ethernet 
802.11at (PoE+)802.11bt (PoE++)
Power Consumption21W22W41W
Network Port1x 2.5Gbps Multi-Gig PoE1x 10Gbps Multi-Gig PoE
SecurityWPA, WPA2, WPA3
Local ManagedNoYes
Mobile AppUniFiZyxel Nebula
ModeAccess Point
(W x D x H)
Ø8.1 x 1.8"
(Ø206 x 46 mm)
Ø7.76 x 1.38"
(Ø197 x 35 mm)
12.21 x 7.01 x 2.21 in
(310 x 178 x 56 mm)
Weight1.5lb (680 g)1.32 lbs (600 g) 3.11 lbs (1412 g)
LEDColor-changing LED
US Retail Cost
(at launch)
Hardware specifications: Ubiquiti U7 Pro vs. U6 Enterprise vs. Zyxel WBE660S

A mid-tier access point

As you might have noted from the table above, the U7 Pro comes with mid-tier Wi-Fi 7 specs. Compared with the Zyxel, it's quite modest. Still, Ubiquiti says the AP can handle about 1500 1,500 ft² (140 m²) of Wi-Fi coverage and up to 300 devices, enough for most homes or small offices.

Ubiquiti will likely release future AP with higher performance grades. But for now, the U7 Pro is an excellent choice for many, thanks to its pricing.

Pricing and availability

Uniquti says the U7 Pro is available for purchase today with the friendly cost of $189, less than half of the Zyxel WBE660S. The new AP is even more affordable than the U6 Enterprise.

Other than the support for Wi-Fi 7, if you've used a UniFi access point before, you can expect the same experience from U7 Pro.

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  1. On Reddit, there was a user who has both the wifi 7 and the U6 Enterprise version. The Enterprise version performs better when multiple devices are connected. So, if you’re streaming movies, playing games, and doing video conferences, opting for the Enterprise version would be preferable. What’s your experience?


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