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Looking to 2023, Synology Unveils WRX560 Wi-Fi 6 Router, DSM 7.2, and More

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Synology announced a handful of upcoming products and services today at its Synology 2023 And Beyond annual event.

Among those, the most exciting are a new version of its well-known NAS operating system, the DiskStation Manager (DSM) version 7.2, and a new Wi-Fi 6 router, the Synology WRX560.

DSM 7 0 Apps
The web user interface of Synology DSM 7.x

DSM 7.2: Full-volume encryption, WORM folders, and more

The company says the DSM 7.2 will ship in early 2023 and introduce full-volume encryption. Currently, encryption is only available at the shared folder level, which DSM 7.2 will improve the storage performance by 48%.

On top of that, DSM 7.2 will introduce the all-new "write once, read many" (WORM) folders.

This type of folder is an excellent tool for users who need to keep data tamper-proof during a set period, applicable to real estate or legal applications. It can also safeguard data safe against ransomware and other cyber threats.

Other than that, DSM 7.2 will also ring in further improvements, including better file sharing, remote wipe capabilities, cross-protocol file locking, and more.

Synology WRX560: A Dual-band Wi-Fi 6 router with a 2.5GbE Multi-Gig port

The WRX560 breaks from the RTxxx naming convention and is the second Wi-Fi 6 router from the company, after the RT6600ax that came out in May this year.

Update: The in-depth review of the WRX560 is now available.

Synology WRX560 Side
The new Synology WRX560 Wi-Fi 6 router

Compared with the Tri-band predecessor, the new router has modest hardware. It's a Dual-band broadcaster with middling Wi-Fi specs, similar to early Wi-Fi 6 routers, such as the Asus RT-AX58U or TP-Link Archer AX50.

ModelSynology WRX560Synology RT6600ax
Wi-Fi BandwidthDual-band AX3000Tri-band AX6600
1st Band
2x2 AX: Up to 600Mbps
2nd Band
2x2 AX: Up to 2400Mbps
2×2 AX: Up to 1200 Mbps
Lower channels
3rd Band
None4X4 AX: Up to 4804 Mbps
Upper channels
5.9Ghz SupportUnlikelyYes
Gigabit Port3x LAN
1x WAN
Multi-Gig Port1x 2.5Gbps WAN/LAN
USB1x USB 3.2 Gen 1
File System
(when hosting an external drive)
Access Point ModeYes
FirmwareSRM 1.3
Dimensions9.2 x 7.63 x 2.6 in
(233 x 194 x 66 mm)
16.9 x 12.6 x 7.9 in 
(175 x 320 x 200 mm)
Weight2.98 lbs (1.35 kg)2.65 lbs (1.2kg)
US Price$219$299.99
Hardware specifications: Synology WRX560 vs. RT6600ax

Nonetheless, the WRX560 runs Synology's latest SRM 1.3, which is one of the best operating systems for routers. It also has a 2.5Gbps Multi-Gig port that can work either as a LAN or a WAN to improve the hardware's bandwidth.

Synology says the WRX560 supports Synology Mesh and "can easily be added as a mesh node to any RT6600ax router". But you can also use it as a standalone router.

While the RT6600ax is the first router that supports the UNII-4 portion of the 5GHz spectrum, it's unlikely that you'll find the use of it in the WRX560. Since it's a Dual-band broadcaster, using the 5.9GHz section risks alienating existing 5GHz clients that don't support UNII-4, and currently, no client supports this portion of the band.

Still, if you find the WRX560 exciting, you can get it as soon as November 10, 2022. Synology says the new router will carry the suggested retail price of $219.99 in the US.

Synology WRX560 FrontSynology WRX560 Back
The front and back of the Synology WRX560

Besides DSM 7.2 and the new WRX560 router, Synology also announced a new line of "AI-powered cameras" called Synology 500 Series for its Surveillance Station.

The company says these IP cameras "will offer superior performance, security, and integration, with all camera settings managed directly from Surveillance Station."

The Synology 500 Series cameras feature 5MP sensors for wide-angle 16:9, 3K (2880x1620) recording at 30 FPS. They feature PoE and are IP67 weatherproof.

Looking to take your DIY home or business surveillance to the next level? These new IP cams are slated to be available in early 2023. It's unclear how much they will cost.

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5 thoughts on “Looking to 2023, Synology Unveils WRX560 Wi-Fi 6 Router, DSM 7.2, and More”

  1. I’m confused, is the WRX560 the MR2200ac equivalent satellite (for wifi5 RT2600ac) mesh router for RT6600ax? Or should RT6600ax owner wait for more capable mesh router?

      • Thanks for the informative article as always! Bummer – I’ve been waiting forever for RT2600ac mesh replacement.

  2. Looks like 5.9GHz will be available, according to this review, and the box photos.
    Hopefully that will be usable as wireless backhaul as well in a mesh setup with RT6600ax.

    • We’ll have to wait and see for the US version, Olaf. But there’s no use for UNII-4 in a Dual-band route since it will make the router useless for most (all, in fact, currently) existing 5GHz clients. More in this post.


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